Web of Lies

A new danger lurks among us. It skulks in every office, every home – it is even in our pockets. In a world in which social and business relationships are increasingly conducted online, Web of Lies investigates stories in which communication begins on the internet but soon leads to real-life deception, identity fraud, embezzlement and even murder.

This ground-breaking series for Investigation Discovery is packed with cautionary tales. We hear first-hand the terrifying testimonies of victims whose lives have been turned up-side-down by internet relationships. Through the extraordinary stories of the men and women we encounter, we reveal how everyone everywhere can protect themselves and their loved ones against the predators prowling the World Wide Web.

Executive Producer
Edmund Coulthard

Writer / Director
Ben Mole

Writer / Director
Harry Hewland

Series Producer
Leonie Jameson

Writer / Director
Dan Clifton

Production Manager
Caryl Sian James

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