Web of Lies Series 3

Do you really know who you're talking to online?
Web of Lies dramatises the thrilling and terrifying true stories of people who went online searching for love, friendship, or just a new connection and were pulled into a web of deception and terror instead. These tales, narrated by loved ones and victims, take heart-stopping twists and turns as victims lured in by a person they thought they could trust end up missing, dead, stalked or relentlessly bullied. Once they are trapped in the web it is up to loved ones and law enforcement to piece together what happened, and rescue the victims.
But tracing the cyber footprints of these deadly perpetrators is a daunting task, as they conceal their IP addresses and hide behind fake profiles. As detectives employ cutting edge computer forensics and the families and friends of victims hold their breaths, will they find the online perpetrators and get to the victims before it is too late?
As more and more of us go beyond our neighbourhoods and communities to make new connections online, Web of Lies warns us of the dark and deadly traps that can lurk behind the friendliest of profiles. 

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