The Plane That Saved Britain

Arthur Williams, former Royal Marines Commando and a qualified pilot, goes on a personal mission to celebrate a forgotten hero of World War Two: the Mosquito, the little plane he has loved since childhood. Dubbed ‘The Wooden Wonder’ because it was fashioned from plywood by English carpenters more accustomed to making cabinets and tables, it was dwarfed by the celebrated Spitfires and Lancaster Bombers. But without it, Britain might never have won the war. There is one flying Mosquito left in the world, and this film follows Arthur as he tracks her down in the hopes of taking to the skies – a dream come true. As he prepares for the adventure, Arthur meets the men who originally flew the Mosquito and uncovers the remarkable story of how it was designed and built in the face of fierce RAF opposition. Ultimately, he puts it back in its rightful place at the heart of Britain’s wartime heroics.

Arthur Williams

Rob Coldstream

Homepage still taken by:
Doug Dreger

Executive Producer
Alistair Pegg

Tom Swingler

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