JFK: Seven Days that made a President

JFK is an icon. America’s most popular modern president; he was a man of great vision who inspires to this day. But behind the conviction and charisma was a man of many contradictions. A wise and cautious leader, behind the scenes he lived his personal life on the edge, risking his perfect marriage for a constant stream of beautiful women – including Marilyn Monroe. This landmark, feature-length documentary tells the extraordinary story of seven critical moments that forged the man behind the legend; a man who brought the world back from the brink of nuclear war. In the year that marks the fiftieth anniversary of JFK’s death, JFK: Seven Days That Made a President includes world-first interviews with his friends and colleagues, as well as leading historians, rare archive material and dramatic reconstruction to throw fresh light on the life of one of history’s most celebrated yet enigmatic figures.

Executive Producer
Edmund Coulthard

Steve Webb

Production Manager
Justine Faram

Executive Producer
Leonie Jameson

Rebecca Burrell

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