Forbidden: Dying for Love

Love that was never meant to be can be the most passionate love of all.
But it can also be the most dangerous. Forbidden: Dying for Love tells the tales of star-crossed lovers who have defied the forces trying to keep them apart. But once they’ve crossed the line anything becomes possible – from deception to entanglement in the most heinous crimes.
The teenage lovers who will stop at nothing to be together even though their families want to keep them apart; the couple who break religious traditions for love and must face the wrath of an enraged father; the prison inmate who has fallen for her prison guard; the married police officer who can’t ignore his attraction to the man he arrested.
In this new six-part series for Investigation Discovery, tales of forbidden love are retold using intimate interviews and stylish drama reconstructions to reveal the lengths that people will go to for love and examine the darkest corners of human morality.
Can true love ever be wrong?

Executive Producer
Edmund Coulthard

Series Producer
Ellen Arnold

Sean Grundy

Executive Producer
Nick Cory-Wright

Fergus Colville

Harry Hewland

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