Football, Madness and Me

Football, Madness & Me tells the story of the unique Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) football league in which every player suffers from a mental health problem. Throughout the PMA football season a team of occupational therapists and coaches help players to learn key life skills, and to build confidence and self-esteem through the game of football.

Filmed over a whole year both on and off the pitch, this BBC3 documentary follows Hayley, a former child football star who struggles with depression; Jamal, living with paranoid Schizophrenia in a secure unit; and Adam, who suffers from crippling Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, across their first season leading to the hotly contested end of year final as their teams battle it out for the cup.

Can they overcome the unique problems they face and pull together for the love of the Beautiful Game?

Football, Madness & Me forces us to confront our prejudices about mental health head on. And we find out: Can football really help turn their lives around?

Executive Producer
Alistair Pegg

Production Manager
Caryl Sian James

Producer / Director
Kate Taunton

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